King Fish[Vanjram]

King Fish[Vanjram]



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Surmai is one of the most popular and among the costliest fishes in India. It is more popular in South and Central India. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. treat Surmai as a delicacy. Categorically, Surmai is a type of mackerel and is called “King Mackerel” or “Indo-Pacific Mackerel”. As you can see, Surmai is rich in protein, good in Omega 3 and potent with respect to other minerals and vitamins. However, the fish has a notorious fame for being high on mercury. Now, this does not mean that you cannot have this delicious fish. Since there is a possibility, the vulnerable group should stay away from this fish. However, normal adults can have this fish once a week. Just ensure that if you have this fish, do not have any other fish in that week.

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